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Abbate, S. (2003). Chinese auricular acupuncture. Boca Raton, Fla.; London, CRC.

Academy of Traditional Chinese, M. (1975). An outline o Chinese acupuncture. Peking, Foreign Languages Pr.

Academy of Traditional Chinese, M. (1975). An outline of Chinese acupuncture. Peking, Foreign Languages Press.

Academy of Traditional Chinese, M. (1975). An outline of Chinese acupuncture. Peking, Foreign Languages Press.

Acupuncture Anesthesia, S. and M. China Association of Acupuncture and (1989). Acupuncture anesthesia and acupuncture analgesia: Symposium: Abstracts, Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Acupuncture Regulatory Working, G., H. Great Britain. Dept. of, et al. (2003). The statutory regulation of the acupuncture profession: the report of the Acupuncture Regulatory Working Group. London, Prince of Wales's Foundation for Integrated Health.

Acupuncture, A. (1974). The Register and directory of members.

Acupuncture, A. (1977). Register and year book.

Acupuncture, A. (1977). The register and year book. (London), (The Association).

Agrawal Arjun, L. (1980). Clinical practice of acupuncture. Raipur, Acupuncture Foundation of India.

Agrawal, A. L. and S. P. Marda (1985). Introduction to acupuncture: including a special chapter on acupressure treatment. New Delhi, Jaypee.

Ahmad, F. (1995). Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion.

Akahori, A. (1979). [Chapters of "Huang-ti-nei-ching-su-wen" derived from "Yin-yang-shih-i-mo-chiu-ching"].

Aldridge, D. (2004). Health, the individual, and integrated medicine: revisiting an aesthetic of health care. London; New York, Jessica Kingsley.

Al-Khafaji, M., P. Deadman, et al. (1998). A manual of acupuncture. Hove, Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications.

Allan, V. J. (1994). Ocean of streams: shiatsu: meridians, tsubos and theoretical impressions. Airdrie, Om Shiatsu Centre.

Aloysio, D. d. and P. Penacchioni (1992). Morning sickness control in early pregnancy by Neiguan point acupressure.

American Acupuncture Anesthesia Study, G. and C. Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of (1976). Acupuncture anesthesia in the People's Republic of China: a trip report of the American Acupuncture Anesthesia Study Group, submitted to the Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China. Washington, National Academy of Sciences.

American Journal of, A. (1983). EAV: Electroacupuncture according to Voll, American Journal of Acupuncture Inc.

Amoils, S. (1993). Unconventional medicine.

Arenson, G. (2001). Five simple steps to emotional healing: the last self-help book you will ever need. New York; London, Fireside.

Armelin, G. (1970). Association acupuncture-ozonotherpaie. Paris-VI, Librarie Maloine S.A.

Arnold, H.-J. D. m. d. (1974). Die Geschichte der Akupunktur in Deutschland. Cologne, Inst. fur Gesch. Med.

Asrani, C. H. and N. Baxi (1985). Speaking of: alternative medicine: acupuncture. New Delhi, Sterling.

Association pour la médecine, o. (1999). Compte rendu du congrès mondial des médecins-acupuncteurs, [np].

Austin, M. (1981). Acupuncture therapy: the philosophy, principles and methods of Chinese acupuncture. Wellingborough, Turnstone.

Austin, M. and D. Lawson-Wood (1974). Acupuncture therapy. London, Turnstone Books.

Auteroche, B. (1992). Acupuncture and moxibustion: a guide to clinical practice. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Auteroche, B. (1992). Acupuncture and moxibustion, Churchill Livingstone.

Badarchin, D. (1989). Zuu toonuur zasal. Ulaanbaatar, Ulsyn Khevleliin Gazar.

Bai, X. (2001). Acupuncture: visible holism: an original interpretation of acupuncture from root to tip. Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann.

Bai, X. and R. B. Baron (1996). Acupuncture in clinical practice: a practical guide to the use of acupuncture and related therapies. Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann.

Bakshi, D. (1995). Historical introduction of acupuncture in India: sowed superior seed of integrated medicine.

Baldry, P. E. (1989). Acupuncture, trigger points and musculoskeletal pain. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Baldry, P. E. (1993). Acupuncture, trigger points, and musculoskeletal pain: a scientific approach to acupuncture for use by doctors and physiotherapists in the diagnosis and management of myofascial trigger point pain. Edinburgh; New York, Churchill Livingstone.

Banks, J. T. (1831). Observations on acupuncturation.

Baptiste, R. (1962). L'acupuncture et son histoire: avantages et inconvénients d'une thérapeutique millénaire. Paris, Maloine.

Barlas, P. (1997). An investigation of the efffects of acupuncture upon experimentally-induced myogenic pain, University of Ulster.

Bayat, A. H. (1989). [Title in Turkish].

Beal, M. W. (1992). Acupuncture and related treatment modalities.

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